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Friday, October 11, 2013

.Making Your Own Hot or Not So Hot Pepper Sauce At Home Recipe

by Owen Benson Visuals cc
O.K., we eat and love pepper sauce, and whole peppers too at our house.I thought I'd.can some.hot and not-so hot pepper sauce today, I know everyone will love this recipe from MOTHER EARTH NEWS, or HERE's a cool video link fromtimjturner on YOUTUBE.
This is the time of year that peppers are very plentiful...Perfect! Let's canned some up now. O.K?
Now, I make amazing pepper sauce ALL the time, just so were all clear on that...'not so hot pepper sauce',...means, NOT as spicy...BUT, of course just as delicious.
O.K.,...Let's begin.
First, ...get some peppers, what ever type you like, hot or not so hot, or some of both. It doesn't matter...it's all good, whatever you like..
Next, wash them and cut off the stems. Use gloves, you don't want to rub any delicate or sensitive parts of your body after touching hot peppers. It will hurt. Trust me, use gloves and be safe.
Then, smash the peppers up with a blender or what have you. A blender worked great for us.
Add salt....about 1 and 1/2 teaspoons per cup mashed peppers. Put everything in a sterile mason jar, put on the lid, and let the peppers rest for a few weeks or a month if you can. We keep peeking and Steve can't help but take a little taste once in awhile.  O.K., I've tasted too. SMILE. It just gets better and better. We like to shake it up every time we take a look or taste...almost everyday.
The recipe I used said...then add vinegar to taste. Any kind of vinegar, we used white. Let it ferment in the vinegar for a couple of weeks Then strain the peppers out and use. We love to keep the peppers in the sauce and leave them in. Enjoy. Jan

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